HKIT 2012 Orientation Day for Non-local/English-speaking/Mandarin-speaking Students(只供英文版本)



13 September 2012



Dear Student,



HKIT 2012 Orientation Day for Non-local/English-speaking/Mandarin-speaking Students



Thank you for your registration in our programme, we are here to bring you some important reminders regarding the Orientation Day:


Date: 24 September 2012 (Monday)

Venue: Breezy Path Campus, Hong Kong Institute of Technology

Time: 2:30pm



  1. If you are a student applying visa to come studying our programme, you are also welcome to join the above activity if your visa application has been approved by the Hong Kong Immigration Department by the above date.


  1. At the orientation, there will be an introduction of HKIT, programme structures, HKIT computer systems, and sharing from students as well. The activity will be primarily conducted in English, and may be supported with Mandarin.


  1. If you have any questions regarding course selection & articulation, please feel free to talk with us at or after the course selection session of the orientation day.


  1. The orientation day will start on 2:30 pm right away, so please reach our campus before 2:30 pm.


  1. Bad weather arrangement: If there is a Black rainstorm warning signal or typhoon signal no.8 (or above) on that day, and is still being hoisted after 12:00 noon, the orientation day will be cancelled.


See you at the orientation day!




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