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ERB Course  


香港科技專上書院為一所非牟利大專院校, 立志為社會各階層人士提供學習 機會。僱員再培訓局『人才發展計劃』課程協助15歲或以上, 學歷在副學 位程度或以下之香港合資格僱員學習一技之長,另學員更可以繼續升讀本校 的副學士及學士學位課程,以增強未來的就業競爭能力。




Course Code
Course Name
IT025EG / IT025HG 文書處理 I 基礎證書 (英語授課) (兼讀制)
Foundation Certificate in Word Processing I (English Medium) (Part-time)
IT026EG / IT026HG 試算表 I 基礎證書 (英語授課) (兼讀制)
Foundation Certificate in Spreadsheet Processing I (English Medium) (Part-time)
IT027EG / IT027HG 非華語人士職業廣東話 II (社交用語) 基礎證書 (兼讀制)
Foundation Certificate in Vocational Cantonese II (Social Life) for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part-time)
IT028EG / IT028HG 非華語人士職業廣東話 II (商談用語) 基礎證書 (兼讀制)
Foundation Certificate in Vocational Cantonese II (Discussion) for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part-time)




General Admission Criteria for all courses of ERB:

  1. 香港合資格僱員(即合法在香港居留並可無條件自由受僱或工作的人士,包括香港永久性居民及 新來港定居人士);及
  2. 年齡在15歲或以上;及
  3. 學歷在副學位或以下程度;及
  4. 申請人須符合課程的入讀資格,包括個別課程根據行業/職位的發牌條件或法例要求。



  1. eligible employees of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) (i.e. lawfully employable and not subject to conditions of stay, including permanent residents of the HKSAR and new arrivals); and
  2. aged 15 or above; and
  3. education attainment of sub-degree or below; and
  4. applicants should meet the entry requirements of courses, including industry or occupation specific licensing or statutory requirements.

To be eligible for class enrolment, applicants must meet the General Admission Criteria and pass the interviews and entry tests (if applicable).




The eligibility criteria for course fee waiver/payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee” :

學員可於收到入學通知後,按其入息水平申請豁免繳費及繳付「高額資助學費」,並須於開課前完成有 關申請手續及繳付所需學費。豁免繳費或繳付「高額資助學費」的申請資格如下:

Upon receipt of enrolment notification, trainees may apply for course fee waiver or payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee” according to their income levels. Trainees should complete the application procedures and pay the relevant course fee prior to class commencement. The eligibility criteria for course fee waiver/payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee” are as follows:


Type of application
Income level
Course fee waiver
Nil/low income (monthly income Note* of $11,000 or below)
Payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee”
Monthly income Note 9 between $11,001 and $19,500


註* 收入是指從工作(包括受僱及自僱)中所賺取的工資及薪金、經營業務所得的淨收益及每月所得長俸。受僱及自 僱的收入包括底薪、逾時工作收入、花紅、佣金、津貼及未放年假薪酬等,扣除法定的5%僱員強積金/公積金供 款。而花紅、雙糧、約滿酬金及未放年假薪酬等類似性質的收入,應以相關工作時段來平均計算。

Note* : Income denotes wages and salary from employment (including being employed and self-employed), net business income and pension. Income from employment and self-employment includes basic pay, overtime pay, bonus, commissions, allowance(s) and payment in lieu of annual leave, etc., with the deduction of 5% contributions to MPF/ORSO. Bonus, double pay, gratuity and payment in lieu of annual leave, etc. should be taken into account in average over the relevant period of employment.



* 僱員再培訓局課程由僱員再培訓局撥款及監管。