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Hong Kong Institute of Technology (HKIT) is a diversified, non-profit making and self-financed tertiary institute offering a wide range of programmes at post-secondary levels. As an international institute which emphasizes students' international exposure and diversity development, HKIT is the first institute which offers full-time and part-time overseas degrees which are both accredited in Hong Kong and internationally recognised. HKIT also offers accredited programmes ranging from Yi Jin level all the way to Associate Degree, overseas Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctoral Degree. Students can choose from over 20 study areas in three major aspects: Arts, Business Administration, and Science and Technology. All these programmes are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ).

With competitive tuition fee and different kinds of financial aids in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work study, plus various support in student development and learning, students studying at HKIT are able to excel in their academic performance and many other aspects of their lives with no hesitation concerning underprivileged financial and education backgrounds.

HKIT provides quality assured further study opportunities for post-secondary students with local and overseas qualifications including but not limited to HKCEE, HKDSE, HKAL, certificates and diplomas, associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees. Over 3,500 students have obtained Associate Degrees/ Bachelor Degrees after successful completion of the programmes offered by HKIT. In particular, HKIT offers 100% articulation for its Associate Degree graduates to Bachelor Degree programmes provided by the renowned overseas universities in United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia etc. These bachelor programmes have already sought recognition by its local and Hong Kong governments; many relevant professional bodies in the fields of Accounting, Finance and IT etc., have also granted exemptions from parts of their professional examinations to our graduates. Associate Degree students in HKIT are equipped with wide range of knowledge and ready to articulate to various local and overseas bachelor programmes. In 2012, eligible students can apply for admission to the accredited bachelor programmes jointly offered with our overseas partners. In addition, Associate Degree students can also choose to study in other HKIT collaborated institutions. Degree students can further their study in Master and Doctoral programmes offered by the reputable international universities.

Besides overseas articulation, HKIT organizes short-term study in China/overseas for all students to broaden their global outlook and enhance students' international experience.

HKIT accepts admission in October, February and June annually. Currently, HKIT has about 1,500 students.