This programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Students are eligible to apply for Grant/Loan through the Financial Assistance Schemes provided by the Hong Kong Government ( ).


Programme Feature

This programme aims to nurture students with knowledge and practical skills in both healthcare and rehabilitation services. It integrates the concepts of health restoration, rehabilitative health and preventive health, and prepares students to be competent and responsive to the society by serving people of all ages, at different functional levels and in different healthcare settings.


This programme is designed with an emphasis on application of learning, which not only delivers theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but also provides flexibility for students to gain workplace experience in practicum if they want to further consolidate their knowledge into real-life practice. The integration of theoretical knowledge, laboratory practice and workplace experience will thus better prepare students for the employment and further studies.



Programme Objective

The programme aims at preparing students to further their study at Bachelor level and/or pursue a career in health and rehabilitation services or become licensed health worker/rehabilitation assistants in nursing homes, residential care institutions, community health clinics and rehabilitation centres. The programme aims to provide opportunities for students to:


  • Develop life-wide learning;
  • Attain basic understanding of health, disabled and vulnerability;
  • Acquire basic knowledge, values and skills of rehabilitation;
  • Communicate and collaborate with others; and
  • Strengthen capacity for lifelong learning.



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