Management and Organizational Behaviour (Module from Associate Degree of Business Administration)


Course Code21Z09646A
Title of CourseManagement and Organizational Behaviour (Module from Associate Degree of Business Administration)
CEF SectorBusiness Services - Management Skills and Knowledge
Course ObjectivesThis course aims to introduce both fundamental theories and practices of management and organisation behaviour.
Learning OutcomesOn completion of this unit, students should be able to: 1. Describe major concepts and theories that can be used to improve managerial effectiveness in contemporary organizations. 2. Describe managerial terminology. 3. Develop the basic skills necessary for managerial success. 4. Identify and explain the complexity and challenge of modern management. 5. Name the challenges involved in making good managerial decisions, and to provide tools and theories that can help you improve these skills. 6. Assess current level of knowledge and skills and identify areas for improvement. 7. Describe ethical behaviour and fiduciary responsibility to all organizational stakeholders.
Assessment and Completion Requirement1.Module Assessment Method and Weightings: Assignment/Exercise 10%, Project 30%, Test/Examination 60% module passing mark: 40% 2.Attendance Requirement: not less than 70% [For claiming CEF, claimant should pass the attendance requirements and course assessments of the course(s) as approved by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, with the attendance rate and overall mark of course assessments not less than 70% and 50% respectively or such higher requirements as prescribed for the course (whichever is higher).]
Contact Hours and Mode of DeliveryContact Hours: 54 (3 hours for the exam, totally 57 hours for the course) Mode of Delivery: FT and PT
Duration14 weeks
Medium of instructionEnglish
RemarksThis course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.




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