[COVID-19] Updated Class Arrangement - HD/D students

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[COVID-19] Updated Class Arrangement - HD/D students

update: 2022-02-05


Dear students,


In view of the latest epidemic development, all classes of HKIT will be conducted in online mode only until 21th February, 2022.


Online delivery

HKIT will utilize Zoom, an IT tool for the online delivery.

As a student, you need to do the following before the commencement of the semester:

  • Install Zoom on your computer or mobile phone (computer is preferable).
  • Check the invitation link posted by lecturers in CMS by around 5 minutes before class, and you can join the online teaching lecture after you have clicked the invitation link.
  • Follow the Timetable to attend online lectures and turn on your camera for attendance taking.


Should you have questions relating to the above, please contact the admission office at 2782 2433 or email to admission@hkit.edu.hk.


If there are any new arrangements under any circumstances, students will be informed via email. The latest arrangements will also be announced on the school website at www.hkit.edu.hk . Please check your email and the latest notice on the school website frequently.


Admission Office

Hong Kong Institute of Technology



因應最新疫情發展,HKIT所有課程暫時將改以網上教學模式進行,直至2022年2月21日為止 。


HKIT 將以 Zoom 及結合其他IT工具進行網上授課。


  • 在您的電腦或手機上安裝 Zoom程式(最好是電腦)。
  • 上課前5分鐘左右在CMS中查看講師發布的邀請鏈接,點擊邀請鏈接後即可參加在線教學講座。
  • 按照時間表參與網上課堂並打開視像鏡頭進行課堂及點名。


如對上述有任何疑問,請致電 2782 2433 或電郵至 admission@hkit.edu.hk 與行政部聯絡。

如果在任何情況下有任何新的安排,將通過電子郵件通知學生。最新安排亦會在學校網頁www.hkit.edu.hk 公佈。請經常查看您的電子郵件和學校網站上的最新通知。