2012 Orientation Day for Diploma, Associate Degree and Degree New Students



Dear New Student,


Please note the following reminder regarding the Orientation Day:

Date: 17 August 2012 (Friday)

Venue: Breezy Path Campus, Hong Kong Institute of Technology

Time: 2:30pm – 5:00pm

  1. Please read thorough the document “Orientation for new students (Oct 2012)” and prepare yourself with some background knowledge of HKIT. There will also be an important session about online enrollment that you will find it crucial, so please attend the orientation on time. But if unfortunately you are not able to join us on that day, please contact us in advance, and we will pass you some relevant information via email afterwards.

  2. Please submit the outstanding tuition fee (if you haven’t) following the instructions written on the letter of acceptance by 17 Aug 2012 (you may submit the bank-in slip or crossed cheque on site at the orientation). If you fail to do so, you may still submit it by 3 Oct 2012, However you will lose the priority in the course selection.

  3. Please bring along the following documents with you on the orientation day: Letter of acceptance, Study Plan; and also some other supporting documents (if you have not yet submitted), such as bank-in slip, cheque, 2 pieces of photo, copy of qualification certificate, etc.

  4. The orientation day on 17 Aug will mainly be conducted in Cantonese with English powerpoint notes & handouts. For non-local/English-speaking/Mandarin-speaking students, there will be another gathering in addition to the above orientation. It will be held on 24 Sep 2012 (Monday). There will be an introduction of HKIT, sharing from teachers and students, and sharing of some useful information as well. The gathering will be conducted in English & Mandarin. Details to be announced later.

  5. If you have any questions regarding course selection, please feel free to talk with us at or after the course selection session of the orientation day.

  6. The orientation day will start on 2:30 pm right away, so please reach our campus before 2:30 pm.

  7. Bad Weather Arrangement: If there is a Black rainstorm warning signal or typhoon signal no.8 (or above) on that day, and is still being hoisted after 12:00 noon, the orientation day will be cancelled. The content of the activity will be delivered to students via email. Details to be announced later.

See you at the orientation day!


Tel. 2782 2433

Fax. 2782 0497

Email: enquiry@hkit.edu.hk

Address (Breezy Path Admission Center): No.2 Breezy Path, Mid Levels West, Hong Kong


Hong Kong Institute of Technology


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