Induction Session of Teesside Programmes on 28 September 2012



Induction Session

BA(Hons) Business Management/ Marketing and Advertising/Accounting and Finance

BSc(Hons) Computing

Teesside University and Hong Kong Institute of Technology



An Induction Session on the degree programmes jointly offered by Teesside University and Hong Kong Institute of Technology will be arranged, the details are as follows:


Date: 28 September 2012 (Friday)

Time: Starting from 7pm

Venue: Cheung Sha Wan Campus

Speakers: Ms Aster Cheuk (Vice President (Academic) and Dr Kevin Wang (Acting Registrar)

Guest Speaker: Dr Alan Dodds (Principal Lecturer (Subject Group Leader) - Finance & Fraud, Teesside University Business School)




  1. To give you an overview of the key issues such as Teesside and HKIT student regulations on Student Conduct, Assessment and Examination, information of University Facilities and Tutor System etc.
  2. To enhance your understanding of studying Teesside Programmes at HKIT
  3. To introduce Teesside and HKIT Academic Staff


It is a compulsory event for all new TU students. Please attend punctually.


If you are an AD Year 2 student who wishes to articulate to the Teesside Programmes, you are also invited to join!


Bad Weather Arrangement: If there is a Black rainstorm warning signal or typhoon signal no.8 (or above) on that day, and is still being hoisted after 6:00pm, the Induction Session will be cancelled.



Enquiry: 2782 2433 Mr Kensley Choi / Ms Betty Yuen