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Faculty of Science and Technology, offered programmes in the area of science and technology, producing graduates with requisite skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed in their chosen careers and to make a worthwhile contribution to society and their profession and the same time provide deserving candidates a pathway to climb the ladder of higher education. Our programme will focus on preparation in leadership, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills in addition to knowledge in science and new technology. Our major focus would be on computer science, information technology, cyber security and criminology, which include database management, software development, cyber-crime, cloud computing, AI technology, networking security as well as criminology.


Upon completion of the associate degree programmes offered by Faculty of Science and Technology, graduates will be well-equipped to seek employment in fields of information technology, cyber security, engineering and criminology across all sectors of business and industry. In particular, graduate may:

  • Work in information technology, cyber security field at para-professional level such as apps developer, IT supporting officer, web developer, and information security officer.
  • Join the disciplined services like police force, auxiliary police force, correctional services department, customs and excise department, or security department of commercial companies.
  • Work in engineering field at para-professional level such as assistant engineer.


The career prospects for our bachelor graduates are also promising.


Graduates in Cyber Security generally have a good record of achieving employment and progressing in their professional work. Graduates of the BSc (Hons) Cyber Security programme will be able to pursue careers as Cyber Security specialists within a wide range of both public and private sectors, including law enforcement, government agencies and security consultancies, or within commercial IT departments and other computing positions where computer security is an issue.


Typical job titles of Cyber Security graduates include Network or Computer Security Technician, Computer or Network Security Officer, Penetration Tester, Identity and Access Management Officer, Threat and Incident Response Analyst, Data Privacy Officer, Data Protection Advisor, Security Operations Analyst, ISO27002 Lead Auditor, Cloud Security Architect, Security Consultant, IT Security Manager, Business Continuity Manager, Information Risk Manager, Information Governance Manager, Cryptographer/Cryptologist, Security Software Developer, Source Code Auditor, Virus Technician and so on.


Career prospect for graduates in Criminology, Crime and Investigation Programme is promising given HKIT is the first institute in Hong Kong to offer Criminology, Crime and Investigation programmes in Hong Kong from Diploma Yi Jin to postgraduate level. We have graduates from our BSc (Hons) Crime & Investigation (Teesside University, UK) employed by Hong Kong Police Force as Police Officers, Police Inspector or by banking corporation (like HSBC) as Investigation Officer.


With the past track records, we believe our future graduates will be well equipped to work within, or progress their existing careers in, the criminal justice department, such as the Police, Correctional Services Department, Customs and Excise Department, Immigration Department, or Independent Commission against Corruption.





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