Programme Accredited    Subject exemption and year entry


Entry Requirement


Year 1 Entry

  • HKDSE Level 3 in three subjects, Level 2 in one subject, and Level 4 in one subject; or
  • HKDSE Level 3 in one subject, Level 2 in two subjects, and Level 4 in two subjects; or
  • HKDSE level 3 in five subjects; or
  • HKALE D in three AL subjects, pass in English; or
  • Any other combination using with Tariff point 80 or above; or
  • Aged 23 or above on commencement of the programme, subject to relevant experience and ability to succeed as per the University’s APEL regulations

Year 2/3 Entry:

  • Recognised Associate Degree / Higher Diploma from local / overseas education institutions
  • Other equivalent qualification


  • DSE applicants are allowed to use MAXIMUM two Applied Learning subjects as extra electives in the application
  • HKDSE applicants have to attain Level 3 or above in English Language.
  • Non-local applicants with equivalent standards obtained from home country public examinations or with equivalent qualifications are also eligible for applications.
  • The admission requirements will comply with the admission policy of Teesside University but will not fall below the minimum admission requirements of 33222 in five HKDSE subjects (including Level 3 in English Language).