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BA (Hons) Business Studies


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BA (Hons) Business Studies (BABS) offers wide and in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills of effectively running for profit and not for profit organisation in fast changing global business world. BA (Hons) Business Studies is designed to enable the student to develop a critical understanding of ethical principles and practice, and an awareness of effective management principles set in the many contexts in which businesses operate and also captures the essence of entrepreneurship.


The course encourages students to develop the skills and competences of future managers. To do this, students should be capable of making management decisions at both a strategic and at a tactical level, emphasising the complexity and dynamics of business and management and taking cognisance of the integrative nature of the various factors which impinge upon management decisions.


UWL being a career university, the BABS course is designed for future employability or entrepreneurship. The qualified students will be able to enter the world of business with a breadth of knowledge that should provide them with greater confidence and understanding aptitude for business world.




Programme Leader: Nicola Chow





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