The Faculty of Arts of the Hong Kong Institute of Technology (HKIT) is committed to promote the education of humanity values and carry forward the spirit of humanities. Over the years, students study hard in order to get into higher education.


The establishment of the Faculty of Arts in the HKIT is to promote the education of liberal Arts. The faculty plays a central role in enabling the HKIT to fulfill its mission to transmit, expand, and apply knowledge through teaching, research, and professional service. The educational philosophy of the faculty is focused to widen students’ intellectual horizon through exposure to different disciplines in liberal arts knowledge. Specifically, the Faculty aims to:


  1. promote the development a scholarly climate conducive to the intellectual growth of students in the HKIT
  2. provide high quality of teaching and learning upon which students may build both careers and enriched personal lives
  3. encourage students to apply their knowledge into practices
  4. establish individual values and develop students’ analytical abilities
  5. provide a liberal environment for students to exchange their ideas and generate new insight from discussion
  6. encourage students to confidently and coherently express their views
  7. help students to develop lifelong learning skills for further education


Learning areas provide by our faculty included: Language and Legal Administration