Faculty of Science and Technology, offered programmes in the area of science and technology, producing graduates with requisite skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed in their chosen careers and to make a worthwhile contribution to society and their profession and the same time provide deserving candidates a pathway to climb the ladder of higher education. Our programme will focus on preparation in leadership, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills in addition to knowledge in computer, science and new technology. Our major focus would be on computer science and information technology which include database management, software development, computer animation and multimedia design, information systems, mobility application design, networking security as well as internet commerce. Graduates should be able to:


  • To give students a thorough grounding int the computing and information technology aspects of various disciplines.
  • To provide a sound and rigorous conceptual framework on which students can build
  • To encourage students to reach independent conclusions, to evaluate their validity and to implement them.
  • To encourage students to think creatively but logically and to communicate their ideas coherently and confidently.
  • To become competent in modern communication techniques
  • To provide students with an overview of the social, economic and professional environment in which they will take their place.
  • To make the learning experience both challenging and enjoyable for students and lecturers.
  • To develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • To develop themselves academically through self-motivation.