Programme Accredited    Subject exemption and year entry


Entry Requirement


Year 1 Entry

  • HKDSE Level 3 in three subjects, Level 2 in one subject, and Level 4 in one subject; or
  • HKDSE Level 3 in one subject, Level 2 in two subjects, and Level 4 in two subjects; or
  • HKDSE level 3 in five subjects; or
  • HKALE D in three AL subjects, pass in English; or
  • Any other combination using with Tariff point 80 or above; or
  • Aged 23 or above on commencement of the programme, subject to relevant experience and ability to succeed as per the University regulations on the accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL)

Year 2/3 Entry:

  • Recognised Associate Degree / Higher Diploma from local education institutions
  • Qualifications with equivalence of the above standards.


  • DSE applicants are allowed to use MAXIMUM two Applied Learning subjects as extra electives in the application
  • HKDSE applicants have to attain Level 3 or above in English Language.
  • Non-local applicants with equivalent standards obtained from home country public examinations or with equivalent qualifications are also eligible for applications.
  • The admission requirements will comply with the admission policy of Teesside University but will not fall below the minimum admission requirements of 33222 in five HKDSE subjects (including Level 3 in English Language).